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2901, 2024

STATEMENT: ZEP calls to support increase of Innovation Fund and Horizon Europe

January 29th, 2024|

ZEP calls on EU decision-makers to support the European Commission's Strategic Technology European Platform (STEP) proposal and ensure Europe's industrial decarbonisation.

1911, 2021

EU Strategy for CCS and CCU – ZEP input

November 19th, 2021|

The Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP) would like to congratulate the European Commission on the first edition of the CCUS Forum. This initiative comes at a critical moment for Europe’s transition to net zero emissions by 2050. With the legally-binding target of climate neutrality by 2050 and an increased emissions reduction target for 2030, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) technologies must be part of the solution for European decarbonisation.

1506, 2021

ZEP position paper on EU ETS

June 15th, 2021|

The upcoming revision of the EU ETS directive presents the opportunity to raise the ambitions, aligning with the objective of climate neutrality by 2050 and the increased 2030 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction target. ZEP believes that urgent action needs to be taken to put the EU on a cost-efficient pathway towards net-zero by 2050.

2112, 2020

Letter to Commissioner for Energy on the revision of the TEN-E Regulation

December 21st, 2020|

Following the revision of the Trans-European Networks for Energy (TEN-E) Regulation, ZEP sent a letter to Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson to share the Platform's thoughts and highlight that CO2 transport and storage infrastructure is crucial to achieve climate neutrality in the EU by 2050 and should be included in a revised TEN-E Regulation.

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