Advisory Council

Advisory Council Executive Committee

Projects Network

The Projects Network acts as forum where CCS and CCU project developers exchange information, discuss enablers and hurdles, good practices, and de-risking on planned and ongoing projects across Europe, and engage with European, regional, national and local policymakers. This network is an important tool to efficiently support projects and at the same time actively support the European Commission and governments on necessary policy/regulation, funding and actions linked to public perception. The network meetings are held over two days every 4-6 months in cooperation with and at a project site, centred around in-depth discussions between project developers on operational, technical, governance, commercial and financial issues faced by industry and specifically ongoing and planned projects.

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Network Policy & Economics

Network Policy and Economics gathers stakeholders interested in the development and deployment of CCS and CCU in Europe. The network closely follows the ongoing policy developments across Europe, both at a European Commission level and a member state level and feeds back with input to the Commission by replying to consultations and issuing recommendations. The network also focuses on the economics and business aspects associated with CCS deployment and works closely with ZEP Network Technology and the working groups to provide real-life practices and examples from upcoming and planned CCUS projects.

The network meets every 3-4 months to discuss ongoing policy and project development and review the activities of the working groups. Often these meetings are also an opportunity to showcase the latest or most advanced CCUS projects in Europe by hosting external speakers.

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Network Technology

Network Technology encompasses an assortment of working groups that focus on the technological challenges, opportunities, risks and costs associated with CCS and CCU. This includes, but is not limited to, capture, transport, storage and utilisation and ranges to topics such as hydrogen production, clean flexible power generation, and carbon dioxide removals. A key part of the work of the Network includes the delivery of technical reports and executive summaries that are later disseminated with relevant policymakers at EU and national level. The Network meets every four months to assess its ongoing work programme and working group activities.

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Government Group

The ZEP Government Group gathers representatives from European national governments. The group participants are independent observers to ZEP and meet every 3-4 months to discuss CCS and CCU developments in individual member states and the European Commission.

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External Relations Group

The External Relations Group (ERG) guides ZEP’s communications and outreach, as well as ZEP’s ongoing engagement plan with key European political and third-party stakeholders to highlight ZEPs positions and messages on relevant EU policies.

ZEP’s Informal Communications Group supports ZEP’s work on communications and outreach and provides a platform to exchange information and coordinate activities relating to communications and outreach surrounding CCS and CCU. It gathers representatives from ZEP members and observers to exchange information and coordinate outreach activities.

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