Advisory Council

Advisory Council Executive Committee

Network Policy & Economics

Network Policy and Economics is a network of stakeholders interested in the development and deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage and Carbon Capture and Utilisation in Europe. The network closely follows the ongoing policy developments across Europe, both at a European Commission level and a member state level and provides input through working groups where necessary. The network also focuses on the economics associated with policy decisions and CCS deployment, again working through temporary working groups to publish reports and recommendations. The network meets every 3-4 months to discuss ongoing policy and project development and review the activities of the temporary working groups.

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Network Technology

Network Technology encompasses an assortment of temporary working groups that focus on the technological challenges, opportunities, risks and costs associated with carbon capture and storage and carbon capture and utilisation. This includes but is not limited to capture, transport, storage and utilisation, including hydrogen. A key part of the work of the Network includes the delivery of specific projects and reports which are subsequently presented to the Advisory Council. The Network meets every 4 months to assess its ongoing work programme and temporary working group activities.

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Government Group

The ZEP Government Group contains representatives from member state Governments. The group are independent observers to ZEP and meet to discuss CCUS developments in individual member states and the European Commission.

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External Relations Group

The External Relations Group (ERG) carries out the internal and external communications for ZEP, as well as implementing an ongoing engagement programme with key European political and third party stakeholders to highlight ZEPs positions and messages on relevant EU policies. The ERG provides communications support to ZEPs Networks and Temporary Working Groups and communicates and disseminates the main outcomes of these groups.

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