Network Policy and Economics gathers stakeholders interested in the development and deployment of CCS and CCU in Europe. The network closely follows the ongoing policy developments across Europe, both at a European Commission level and a member state level and feeds back with input to the Commission by replying to consultations and issuing recommendations. The network also focuses on the economics and business aspects associated with CCS deployment and works closely with ZEP Network Technology and the working groups to provide real-life practices and examples from upcoming and planned CCUS projects.

The network meets every 3-4 months to discuss ongoing policy and project development and review the activities of the working groups. Often these meetings are also an opportunity to showcase the latest or most advanced CCUS projects in Europe by hosting external speakers.


Lamberto Eldering (Equinor)

Lina Strandvåg Nagell (The Bellona Foundation)

Christian Schwarck (Shell)