Latest Past Events

Decarbonising Europe: CO2 transport by ship

Online event

This seminar will look at how CO2 transport by ship can be developed in the European Union, while supporting industry across all regions and countries. Following a presentation on a recent ZEP report by the authors, key stakeholders of Europe’s waterways, ports, and seas will discuss the challenges and promises offered by CO2 transport by ship to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Making it real: Clean & strong European industry by 2050

Online event

This online event will look at how CCS can contribute to ensure Europe reaches its climate targets by 2050 and fulfils the European Green Deal as mandated by Climate Law. A multi-stakeholder panel discussion will feature hard-to-abate industry representatives, the European Commission, and civil society organisations, providing key perspectives on the crucial role of an EU strategy for CCS and CCU in the energy transition.