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ZEP’s response to the European Commission’s Communication on CCS

  • Date: 01/07/2013
  • Category: Projects & Communities - EU, ZEP news

The European Commission’s Communication on CCS reaffirms its critical role in meeting the EU’s energy, climate and societal goals. Indeed, CCS is not only “vital for meeting the Union’s greenhouse gas reduction targets”, it provides a “very visible link between jobs in local communities and continued industrial production.”CCS will therefore have a profound impact on the European economy, not only ensuring a reliable supply of low-carbon energy, but creating and preserving jobs, skills and investment in a wide range of industry sectors – potentially worth bil¬lions of Euros annually. As importantly, it will help secure a competitive position for EU industries in a future carbon-restrained world.However, while Europe has all the skills, technology and expertise required, it is currently falling behind other regions in the demonstration and deployment of CCS, and as the Communication confirms: “an urgent policy response is required”. This includes ensuring CCS is fully integrated into the EU 2030 Energy and Climate Policy framework, while creating a solid business case for CCS demonstration and early deployment projects via the implementation of transitional support measures.