The ORLEN Group is an integrated multi-utility energy company listed in the prestigious global Fortune Global 500 and Platts TOP250 rankings. It was the first company in the region to declare achieving total emission neutrality in 2050. Thanks to the recent acquisitions and mergers, it became one of the 150 largest companies in the world. The company operates on 10 home markets: Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Canada, Norway and Pakistan.

By the end of this decade, ORLEN will invest over PLN 320 billion to implement strategic projects, of which approximately 40% will be allocated to green investments, including wind energy at sea and on land, photovoltaics, biogas and biomethane, biofuels, electromobility, green hydrogen and synthetic fuels.

Among its notable projects, ORLEN is part of the consortium developing the EU CCS Interconnector to link industrial emitters from the Gdansk area with storage facilities in the North Sea and others. This project has gained recognition and support through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) to support studies for the project. Furthermore, ORLEN recently entered into a partnership with Horisont Energi to operate the Polaris Project, a CO2 storage initiative in the Barent Sea.

ORLEN’s involvement in ZEP underscores the necessity of CEE actors to actively participate in industrial decarbonisation, highlighting the strategic importance of CCS technologies in realizing these ambitious goals.