The critical role of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) in meeting the EU’s energy, climate and societal goals is now indisputable: the European Commission’s Communication on CCS has confirmed that is not only “vital for meeting the Union’s greenhouse gas reduction targets”, it provides a “very visible link between jobs in local communities and continued industrial production”. Indeed, CCS must account for 19-32% of total emissions reductions in the power sector by 2050, which means that “For all fossil fuels, Carbon Capture and Storage will have to be applied from around 2030 onwards”.

Ongoing R&D for CCS is essential in order to drive down costs, and deliver EU climate targets. This report therefore prioritises immediate R&D needs of CO2 capture, focusing mainly on the power sector, while identifying the need to verify industrial applications – taking into account advances achieved to date and future requirements to drive down costs.

ZEP report on long-term R (PDF – 952.57kb)