The Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP) is an advisor to the EU on carbon capture and storage (CCS) since 2005. With a diverse membership including industry, research, and environmental groups, ZEP offers balanced policy advice and collaborates with various national and international initiatives.

ZEP is funding a study, supported by a Horizon Europe grant, on the social and humanities aspects of CCS. This study aims to provide recommendations for policymakers and project developers to support a just transition.

Proposals for this research are invited until 2 February 2024 with a focus on exploring economic, social, and governance issues related to CCS, such as industry size, job creation, necessary skills, socio-economic impacts, and the role of CCS in a fair transition.

The study’s timeline includes selection, research, drafting, and a final report, concluding with a webinar launch on 16 July 2024.

Interested candidates should submit a detailed proposal, including research questions, scope, structure, and budget, to ZEP’s Secretary General