As part of COP24, ZEP has signed a joint press release on “The role for CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) in meeting global climate targets”. The press release was also signed by CO2GeoNet, the European Energy Research Alliance CCS Joint Programme, the Global CCS Institute and the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Association.The press release includes the following recommendations: 1. Provide a clear message of long-term political support for CCS deployment by assessing and specifying the role for CCS in achieving national 2030 and 2050 emission targets (including NDCs); 2. Offer policy predictability and confidence by including CCS, where appropriate, in climate plans to give a clear message of long term support, enabling CCS project developers to make critical investment decisions; 3. Provide equal inclusion and support for CCS as a mitigation option alongside other low emission technologies; 4. Provide national support for projects that use international funding mechanisms (e.g. Green Climate Fund, CTCN, the World Bank and other international financial institutions); 5. Support the development of private-public partnerships to build a trust-based relationship between CCS project developers and the national government to help drive projects forward Download the full press release

Joint press release on CCS in COP24