Summary & Recommendations

  • CO2 capture rates of 95% or higher are possible on CCS-equipped power stations with limited increase to the Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE).
  • Increasing CO2 capture rate from 90% to 99% on coal and gas power stations could increase LCOE by as little as 7.4% and 6.2% respectively.
  • CO2 capture technologies are highly-upgradeable, meaning capture rate can be easily ramped-up over time in line with market conditions and an increasing CO2 price.
  • A 95% capture rate on gas power stations could increase LCOE by 1.6% compared with a 90% capture rate.
  • An arbitrary 90% capture limit does not reflect the current status of CCS technology and is not an appropriate limit to use in energy systems models looking to achieve net zero emissions.
  • EC models should include the option for rising capture rates and associated cost increases to show how capture rates in different climate and energy scenarios may increase over time as policy and economics evolve.
  • Further studies should investigate high capture rates for other activities, including hydrogen production and energy-intensive industry processes. These are expected to result in similar cost reductions.

ZEP Policy Brief – CO2 Capture Rates Oct 2019