ZEP has published a new report “Commercial Scale Feasibility of Clean Hydrogen”. The report investigates the potential of decarbonised hydrogen produced through CCS on natural gas (“clean”/”low GHG emissions” hydrogen) and concludes that hydrogen has the potential to decarbonise a number of different industries and play a key role in Europe’s energy transition. Clean hydrogen could be an accelerator of the hydrogen economy and if located in industrial clusters – where several large users of hydrogen can co-exist – hydrogen production with CCS could also trigger the initiation of CCS transport and storage networks. The technologies required to produce clean hydrogen from natural gas are available today, with multiple projects already capturing CO2 from the hydrogen production process.

ZEP Commercial Scale Feasibility of Clean Hydrogen report (PDF – 1.96mb)

“Commercial Scale Feasibility of Clean Hydrogen” report presentation (PDF – 736.19kb)