Policy, business, and social challenges for carbon dioxide removals and carbon capture & storage

On 1 November, ZEP co-organised an EU side event at COP26. The focus of the event was on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), both critical on the path to climate neutrality. Expert speakers from research and industry contributed to the discussion, which explored potential for CCS and CDR in various sectors and discussed the social aspects, policies and business cases needed to scale up these technologies while managing risks.

The ZEP Chairman spoke at the event, highlighting several points:

  • Emphasised importance of CCS in the context of just transition. For difficult to decarbonise sectors, such as energy-intensive industry, pathways including CCS represent a low-cost route to decarbonisation.
  • Noted that cross-border CO2 transport and storage infrastructure is vital for European decarbonisation, as it allows industrial emitters to connect to permanent CO2 storage. He highlighted that support for and inclusion of CO2 storage and all modalities of CO2 transport in EU legislation is necessary.
  • Further highlighted the TEN-E regulation and the importance of including all modalities of CO2 transport and CO2 storage in the regulation, as well as have to complete the delegated act for EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance.

Watch the recording below: