The Working Group III report on climate change mitigation has been published, completing the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment cycle. Compiling the newest climate science, this momentous work examines progress achieved in long-term emissions reduction goals. More broadly, the report looks at the effectiveness of climate mitigation and its specific components – including CCS. Its findings will inform policy in years to come, as it calls for immediate action to curb climate breakdown.

“Currently, global rates of CCS deployment are far below those in modelled pathways limiting global warming to 1.5°C or 2°C,” affirms the report. This work by hundreds of world-leading scientists is based on the strongest evidence and it urges bold policy support for the quick and effective deployment of CCS: an instrumental solution to the climate crisis.

There is a wide recognition throughout the report that CCS and CCU will have a role to play across multiple sectors – the extent to which CCS is deployed does vary across scenarios, nonetheless it is now viewed an integral component to mitigate climate change.

Key messages on CCS and CCU are outlined in this ZEP briefing.