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Transporting CO2 by ship and by inland waterway will be crucial for large-scale deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies in Europe. It will enable industrial emitters across the continent to connect to safe and permanent CO2 storage.

Europe has a longstanding tradition of competitive and innovative industrial sectors. Industry has provided a strong basis for European prosperity, history, as well as identity. But to face climate change, industrial emitters of greenhouse gases, scattered across the continent, must be joined to safe and permanent CO2 storage sites located under the North Sea. This calls for bold action today: from strong support for early carbon capture projects that need to use shipping to transport high volumes of CO2 to the storage site, to establishing the right standards and guidelines that will enable the transportation of liquified CO2, covering CO2 temperature, pressure, and composition.

Organised by the Zero Emissions Platform, this seminar will look at how CO2 transport by ship can be developed in the European Union, while supporting industry across all regions and countries. Following a presentation on a recent ZEP report by the authors, key stakeholders of Europe’s waterways, ports, and seas will discuss the challenges and promises offered by CO2 transport by ship to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

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