ZEP has published a paper outlining the potential of CO2 Capture and Use (CCU) and CO2 Capture Use and Storage (CCUS) not only to reduce CO2 emissions, but accelerate CCS deployment, e.g. via the combination of CCS with Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), geothermal heat production, CO2 mineral storage etc.

Indeed, CCU could add significant economic value to a CCS project – even if there is only temporary ‘storage’ of CO2. The greatest potential in Europe is offshore EOR, mainly in the North Sea and in Eastern Europe.

Urgent action is therefore needed to exploit the full potential of CCU/CCUS:

  • Develop business models and likely CCUS scenarios for Europe
  • Incorporate in Horizon 2020 as an enabling technology for CCS in Europe
  • Design tailor-made incentive schemes at national and EU level to kick-start early projects.

Download ZEP’s paper below.

ZEP Paper on CCU (PDF – 167.42kb)