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IPCC recognises CCS as an essential technology to reduce the adverse effects of climate change

  • Date: 13/04/2014
  • Category: Policy & Regulation, Projects & Communities - World, ZEP news

Today, the IPCC has published the latest contribution to its Fifth Assessment report. The Working Group III’s report “Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of climate change” presents a mix of mitigation technologies necessary for avoiding the harmful effects of climate change. Speaking after the publication of the report, Dr. Graeme Sweeney, ZEP Chairman, said “The previous report on the impacts of climate change published by the Working Group II on March 31st, firmly reiterates the rapid and wide-spread occurrence of climate change. Today’s report draws clear conclusions on the importance of institutional and technological developments, inter alia, CCS being essential to stay within our 2DS. This is a loud and clear signal, we now need this to be made explicit at European and Member State level alike.