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ZEP press release on NER300 phase two CCS applications

  • Date: 12/07/2013
  • Category: Technology, Policy & Regulation, Capture, Transport, Storage, Projects & Communities - EU, ZEP news

In the second phase of the NER300 programme, only one CCS project was submitted. Dr. Graeme Sweeney, Chairman of ZEP, said “Moving forward Member States and the European Commission must work hand in hand to ensure that funding is made available to realize the necessary flagship fleet of CCS demonstration projects. One project alone will not deliver the pace scale and impact needed for CCS to play its proper role in decarbonizing Europe. We need an innovative re-set of the European CCS programme to deliver a significant number of CCS projects before 2020 and a commitment to a defined volume of CCS by 2030.” Find more in the press release below.