ZEP Newsletter December 2012

December 20 2012

This is the December 2012 ZEP newsletter, aimed at informing the active ZEP stakeholders on recent developments. If you want to (un)subscribe to the newsletter or have relevant news, please send an e-mail to info@zero-emissionplatform.eu.

General CCS News

NER300 first tranche decision holds no CCS projects

The European Commission awarded €1.2 billion in the first call for proposals in the NER300 programme. No CCS projects were able to secure funding. ZEP will in response step up its efforts to get CCS project funded in the second call, since viable CCS projects -and willing Member States- are most definitely available. - EC press release and Q&A

CCS needs demonstration now, industry tells policy

EURELECTRIC, the union of the electricity industry, has in a recent publication urged for CCS demonstration."Europe must move beyond discussing carbon capture and storage (CCS) and start demonstrating the technology through concrete projects". Further delays could put Europe at a serious competitive disadvantage compared to other regions - Link to Eurelectric publication

COP-18 Doha developments on CCS

The COP-18 meeting in Doha, Qatar hosted over 9,000 delegates from 134 countries. To give you an impression of what happened, Tim Dixon of the International's Energy Agency's Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG) has listed the main general and CCS-specific outcomes in his blog on the IEAGHG-website. - IEAGHG blog on COP-18 outcomes

South-Korea to invest in CCS

Representatives of the Korean Environment Corporation (KECO) presented South-Korea's CCS Roadmap at the December 2012 ZEP AC meeting. The government of South-Korea aims to store 10-50 million tons of CO2 annually. - Presentation

Factbook "bringing CCS to market"

A newly released SBC Energy Institute factbook summarises the status of existing technologies and the main Research & Development priorities for CCS. It analyses the economics of the main large-scale demonstration and deployment projects and gives the SBC Energy Institute's view of the future of CCS technologies and projects. - Link to document

Advisory Council & Coordination Group (AC & CG)

ZEP Advisory Council membership changes

ZEP welcomes Giancarlo Benelli of ENEL as a new member. He succeeds Pompilio Caramuscio. ZEP also reconfirmed Mike Farley as an AC member. He moved on from Doosan Babcock to Scottish Enterprise.

ZEP's initiative on CCS in Other Industries gains momentum

The efforts of ZEP for promoting CCS in other industries are gaining momentum, judging increased involvement of key stakeholders. ZEP's Temporary Working Group on Other Industries is supported by representatives of a.o. Eurofer and Tata Steel. Cooperation with the International Energy Agency (IEA) on this topic will further materialise in a London-workshop on 30 January 2013. - IEA meeting details

Changes in ZEP Communications

Communications' Director, Eric Drosin has left ZEP. For 2013 and 2014 the Advisory Council approved a strong continuation of ZEP's communications efforts. To ensure a seamless hand-over, all ZEP-related requests previously handled by Eric (communications/public affairs/contact point) should now be directed to the ZEP secretariat: gvanderpanne@zero-emissionplatform.eu.


The ZEP taskforces have presented their work plans for 2013 to the ZEP AC. Some Temporary Working Groups have been set up as part of the taskforces to carry out specific tasks of the ZEP Strategy Review. Click on the links below to find meeting documents and presentations of each ZEP taskforce.

Government Group (GG) - link

Taskforce Technology (TFT) - link

Taskforce Public Communications (TFPC) - link

Taskforce Policy & Regulation (TFP&R) - link

Taskforce Demonstration & Implementation (TFD&I) - link


TFD&I meeting 16 (Brussels, BE) Date: 23/01/2013

TFT meeting 25 (Hoofddorp, NL) Date: 24/01/2013

GG meeting 26 (Brussels, BE) Date: 30/01/2013

7th Annual European CCS 2013 (London, UK) Date: 31/01/2013

CG meeting 48 (Brussels, BE) Date: 27/02/2013

AC meeting 34 (Brussels, BE) Date: 20/03/2013

CG meeting 49 (Brussels, BE) Date: 29/05/2013

AC meeting 35 (Brussels, BE) Date: 19/06/2013

Other relevant events on the events section of the ZEP-website.

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