ZEP Newsletter April 2013

April 03 2013

This is the April 2013 ZEP newsletter, aimed at informing the active ZEP stakeholders on recent developments. If you want to (un)subscribe to the newsletter or have relevant news, please send an e-mail to info@zero-emissionplatform.eu.

General CCS News

EU publishes Green Paper and CCS Consultation

The European Commission took the first step towards developing a 2030 framework for EU climate change and energy policies. Its Green Paper launches a public consultation on the content of the 2030 framework. The Commission also published a Consultative Communication on the future of carbon capture and storage (CCS) in Europe, aimed at initiating a debate on the options available to ensure its timely development. Find ZEP's response here. - Link to EU news

NER300 second tranche opens April 2013

On 3 April 2013 (today), the European Commission’s NER300 second call for proposals will open. An information session will be held in Brussels 10 April 2013, which can also be streamed online between 14:30 and 17:30. - Link to NER300 website

UK awards £1bn to Peterhead and White Rose

Peterhead (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) and White Rose (Yorkshire, England) win UK £1bn CCS award. According to Energy secretary Ed Davey, this “moves us a significant step closer to a CCS industry – an industry which will help reduce carbon emissions and create thousands of jobs”. - Link to UK press release

European Parliament wants commercial scale CCS

European Parliament stresses need for commercial scale CCS development as a crucial contributor to industries operation in a low-carbon future. - Link to news item

TCM Mongstad forms CCS test centre network

The CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad has commenced the formation of an international test centre network, the CCS Test Centre Network.  The knowledge sharing network aims to further advance CCS technology. - Link to TCM news

BioCCS has a promising future, says Stanford

BioCCS one of the most promising technologies, according to Stanford report. - Link to news item

Value of CCS from an Environmental NGO perspective

The Environmental NGO network for CCS shows the value of CCS from an Environmental NGO perspective - Link to ENGO website

ViEUws, the EU policy broadcaster

ViEUws, the EU policy broadcaster, shows monthly energy briefings: the March 2013 broadcast gives statements on the internal energy market by Mr. Lowe (DG Energy) and on the future energy and climate package for 2030 by Mr. Oettinger (European Commissioner for Energy). - Link to ViEUws website

Lykke Margot Ricard gets PhD on researching ZEP

In her PhD thesis, Lykke Margot Ricard focuses on coordination of technology-intensive innovation, while uncovering barriers to innovation and technology.  ZEP was one of the two technology platforms included in a social network analysis of stakeholders’ position in the platform. - Information on Lykke's research

Advisory Council and Coordination Group (AC & CG)

ZEP AC formulates key strategic actions

The ZEP AC agreed on key strategy actions. These actions will be a priority for the work of ZEP and its taskforces in the next few months and on the long term:

  • Develop roadmap for CCS  deployment
  • Make the societal case for CCS
  • Develop the business case for CO2 storage
  • Invite other industries (steel, cement, etc.) to join ZEP
  • Develop a vision on CCS in the future electricity market
  • Develop a view on CCS for gas
  • Link CCS and energy storage
  • Provide project support towards the second tranche of NER300
  • Support the recycling of EEPR funds
  • Set up a PPP on CCS for Horizon 2020
  • Intensify the dialogue with the European Union, Member States and other policy players
  • Write the new ZEP strategy in a strategy document
- Link to AC documents

ZEP's initiative on CCS in Other Industries grows

ZEP’s Working Group on CCS in Other Industries has teamed up with Bellona, Statoil, ECN and IEAGHG to deliver its report to the next AC in June, 2013. A clear state of affairs was given at the IEA workshop in London on 30 January 2013, descriptions and documents here: - Link to IEA workshop documents

ZEP Taskforces

Government Group (GG)

ZEP's Government Group develops country updates on the status of CCS and moves to invite Croatia. - Link

Taskforce Technology (TFT)

ZEP’s Taskforce Technology is to present paper on storage and makes a case for 6 large scale storage pilots. - Link

Taskforce Public Communications (TFPC)

ZEP’s Taskforce Public Communications is set to move closer to the policy field by engaging the relevant DGs, MEPs, etc. Weber Shandwick has been selected to assist ZEP and TFPC in this ambition. - Link

Taskforce Policy & Regulation (TFP&R)

ZEP’s TaskForce Policy & Regulation is preparing for the EC review of the CCS Directive and will now move to DG CLIMA for engagement. - Link

Taskforce Demonstration & Implementation

ZEP’s TaskForce Demonstration & Implementation is set to publish its report on CO2 transport infrastructure. - Link


NER300 second tranche opens Date: 03/04/2013

CO2GeoNet Open Forum (Venice, IT) Date: 09/04/2013

NER300 Information day (Brussels, BE) Date: 10/04/2013

TFT meeting 26 (Berlin, DE) Date: 16/04/2013

3rd EERA Annual Congress (Brussels, BE) Date: 18/04/2013 - Link

TFP&R meeting 25 (Brussels, BE) Date: 22/04/2013

TFD&I meeting 17 (Düsseldorf, DE) Date: 23/04/2013

TFPC meeting 24 (Brussels, BE) Date: 30/04/2013

CG meeting 49 Brussels (BE) Date: 23/05/2013

GG meeting 27 (Brussels, BE) Date: 06/06/2013

AC meeting 35 (Brussels, BE) Date: 19/06/2013

CG meeting 50 (Brussels, BE) Date: 28/08/2013

AC meeting 36 (Brussels, BE) Date: 18/09/2013

Other relevant events on the events section of the ZEP-website.

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