NER300 CCS Project Ranking Update (July 2012)

Publisher: European Commission
Issued: 12/07/2012

This European Commission staff working document published on July 12, 2012, takes stock of the state of play of the first call for proposals under the EU´s NER300 funding programme, one of the world´s largest funding programmes for innovative low carbon energy commercial demonstration projects and a key component of the EU´s strategy to tackle climate change. The document also highlights the importance of the NER300 funding programme as one of the EU´s major policy initiatives to stimulate low-carbon growth and employment across the EU. Specifically, the document ranks the current CCS projects that have applied for NER300 funding, including two reserve list projects.

Energy and climate package

Publisher: EC
Issued: 23/01/2008

Set of coherent directives and communications by various DGs

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Strategic Energy Technology Plan

Publisher: EC
Issued: 22/11/2007

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