ZEP Phase II objectives

Publisher: ZEP
Issued: 01/07/2009

New ZEP objectives following the focus shift to deployment and implementation of CCS.


Implementation of NER funding, ZEP recommendations

Publisher: ZEP
Issued: 07/06/2009

ZEP's recommendations on the implementation of the New Entrant Reserve Fund (NER) – focusing on the issues of EUA disbursement and timing as they impact CCS projects.

EU Demonstration Programme for CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS)

Publisher: ZEP
Issued: 10/11/2008

ZEP's proposal on the most extensive study ever undertaken on how an EU CCS demonstration programme could work; what it should cover; how it could be funded; and what steps must be taken to ensure it is up and running by 2015 in order for CCS to be commercially viable by 2020.

CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) - Matrix of Technologies

Publisher: ZEP
Issued: 15/10/2008

Experts within ZEP and the wider CCS community identified the functional, operational and technical specifications for the technologies that require validation and integration within the CCS value chain - ZEP calls these Technology Blocks.