ZEP Newsletter Nr 1 - Oct 09

Publisher: ZEP Secretariat
Issued: 08/04/2010

This is the first edition of the ZEP newsletter, aimed at informing the active ZEP stakeholders on recent relevant developments. This newsletter will be made after each Advisory Council meeting. The main news items are:

  • A view on global CCS developments was presented at the ZEP 2009 General Assembly;
  • ZEP has moved from development of strategy and vision to phase II where the focus lies on deployment and implementation;
  • A call for applications for Advisory Council membership is open;
  • Current developments in all ZEP bodies are detailed in this newsletter;
  • ZEP is preparing for its event at COP15, where the world's leaders meet to discuss climate change and energy. ZEP's event is on Sunday 13th from 1700-2130 in the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen.

ZEP long term R&D report

Publisher: ZEP TFT
Issued: 17/03/2010

Experts within ZEP's Taskforce Technology have published a key report entitled “Recommendations for research to support the deployment of CCS in Europe beyond 2020”, which identifies key areas for further R&D into next-generation CCS technologies. These key R&D areas must be initiated immediately to enable rapid and wide deployment of CCS post-2020.


EU CCS demonstration requirements

Publisher: ZEP
Issued: 22/01/2010

Minimum requirements for implementation of EU CCS demo projects - ZEP's recommendations


ZEP Bylaws Draft 17 Sep 09

Publisher: ZEP
Issued: 08/10/2009

The ZEP Bylaws. This is the draft version as discussed at AC20. Final revisions are being made and the final version of the ZEP Bylaws will be published on this website soon.


ZEP report on CCS knowledge sharing

Publisher: ZEP
Issued: 02/10/2009

ZEP’s proposal describes how knowledge sharing within an EU CCS demonstration programme can help overcome the final barriers to the deployment of CCS.

ZEP response to European Commission draft legislation NER300

Publisher: ZEP
Issued: 18/09/2009

ZEP's response to draft legislation NER300 of 15 September 2009